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NOMPI Gardening & Work Gloves

Garden in the heat without having to change into a long sleeved shirt ...

How COOL is that??!!

Patent Pending & simply awesome

About Us


An Idea is Born

The idea for NOMPI gloves came about after I contracted yet another case of forearm poison ivy after tending to my vegetable garden. I made myself a pair, LOVED the result, and couldn't wait to share them with my fellow gardeners!


Handmade With Care

I choose only the cutest, most breathable fabrics for my sleeves, sew them in my NJ workshop and attach to the gloves. The elastic arm band assures a non- slip fit!  Oh, and did I mention that my NOMPIs are fully machine washable and dryable? - bonus!!!!


The Only Gardening Glove You Will Ever Need

These gloves will quickly become your go to gloves for weeding, gardening, farming, planting, light industrial and all of your outdoor yard needs. They are the only gloves I ever use - they live right by my back door on top of my boots. 


The Many uses for nompis

Hay is for Horses!


"Your NOMPIS are very useful! Some of the hay sticks to my arms if I am wearing a short sleeve shirt, I would usually have to put a long sleeve shirt on over my tee shirt. In the summer that gets very hot."

Keeping Clean and Safe

Sanding and staining outside in the summer is a breeze with NOMPI.

"Protecting my arms when sanding and staining is important to me. Your NOMPIs get the job done."

Time to Weed


"Protecting the arms from poison ivy and other skin irritants is very important. NOMPIs make it a no brainer."

Gardening is a Breeze


"Reaching through scratchy netting to pick lettuce was pretty painful until I started using NOMPIs. Slip them on, pick lettuce, slip them off. Toss in the wash. Done."

Many different designs and patterns


Email me at if you have a special request, or to see my entire inventory.

Kids NOMPIs too!


I have just started my Kids Nompi line! Let your little one pitch in and 'get their hands dirty' without actually getting their hands dirty!!!!

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Contact Us


We love our customers, so feel free to email me with any questions about NOMPI products.

NOMPI Gloves

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